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The Watch List- UPDATE!!! July 2, 2008

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Earlier this week I came up with a list of stocks I thought we should pay attention to. As we approach the middle of the business week I thought we should check up on how the stocks are doing.

The stocks to watch were JPMorgan, Citibank and Exxon Mobil. So here’s the verdict on their current status:

JPMorgan experienced a decline earlier this week the stock, currently it is heading back over the $35 mark.

Citigroup, like the JPM stock declined earlier this week but is picking up above $17.

Exxon continues a steady increase as gas prices almost approaching $90.

These updates make it look like things on Wall Street are getting better. However, this is not the case since the stocks did fall earlier this week, technically we’re back where we started.

This week is shortened due to the long weekend. Hopefully next week things start to pick. A change in the economic pace is much needed!

* The links present charts on the status of the stocks when we started to observe them to their current status*




Lawyers Breaking The Law

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I have repeatedly discussed the illegal acts of those in corporate America. Well corporate executives are not the only ones breaking the law. The people who are supposed to know the law inside out are actually committing illegal acts. Earlier this year the New York Times did an article about lawyers finding themselves in legal trouble.

The article specifically mentions high- profile lawyer Melvyn Weiss pleading guilty to federal criminal charges.

Most legal troubles of lawyers come from lawsuits, fraud and bribes. The quote “…corporate executives shouldn’t lie and the lawyers suing them shouldn’t steal. What’s complicated about that?” taken from the article provides commentary on the recent burst of lawyers and execs making their way into the headlines for legal trouble.

As I continue to read more about the unethical and unlawful acts in the corporate and legal worlds, I’m becoming more skeptical about becoming a part of that world. I shouldn’t let the acts of a few people dictate my decisions but its hard to actually think about falling into a desperate position.

Why would someone who has spent years studying law, through it all away for some extra cash or to unethically win a case? If you know the system, then why would you try to cheat it?


The $ Personality

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As I was going through MSN Money yet again I found this really interesting article titled “What’s Your Money Personality?”

The article basically presents the claim that it is our attitude toward money that reflects our financial decisions and behavior. The article presents eight different “money personalities.” These include “the guardian,” “the pleasure seeker,” “the idealist,” “the saver,” “the star,” “the innocent,” “the caretaker,” and “the empire builder.” The article presented a quiz that reveals your “money personality.”

I took the quiz and my results revealed that my three “money personalities” are “the guardian,” “the saver” and “the idealist.”

Read the full article about the connections between how our attitudes towards money affects our financial decisions. Take the quiz and find out your “money personality.”



The Watch List June 30, 2008

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We all know that the economy has not been doing well lately. All we see on the news is increasing prices, warnings of unemployment and the troubles ahead.

A lot of people find their source of incomes from investing in the stock market. Last week the stock market took a serious fall, hitting record breaking lows. This week a lot of people are hoping for a complete turn around. If stock prices were increasing at the same rate of gas prices a lot of people would be stress free right now.

I’m not an expert on the subject but I often check up on some stocks and read some business news. With a little help from the experts I came up with my own list of stocks we should watch this week.

Here they are:

JPMorgan Chase (JPM) – because it was one of the only banks to avoid the credit mess and recently bailed Bear Stearns out, just a few weeks ago the stock was approaching $50 now it’s at around $36.

Citigroup (C)- because I recently saw on the news that it is cutting back on a few thousand jobs, so it’ll be interesting to see how that news continues to affect the stock.

Exxon Mobil (XOM)- because it’s a leading gas station and with the sky-rocketing prices, we should watch how it affects the price of the stock.

Will the stocks continue to fall or will there be sunshine on Wall Street this week? We’ll have to watch the stocks this week to see how things play out.

Keep up with these stocks and the latest financial news at Bloomberg.com.




Celebrity Court June 29, 2008

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We all know that celebrities have a tendency to make it into the headlines. It doesn’t matter if they are promoting a cause or getting their mugshot taken in the middle of the night. 

Here is my list of some famous celebrities who have had to defend themselves in the courtroom:

  • Britney Spears for a various list of destructive behavior.
  • O.J Simpson for the murder of his wife.
  • Naomi Campbell for several acts of violence.
  • Michael Jackson for charges of child molestation.
  • Mike Tyson for some acts of violence and rape.
  • Sean Combs for assault and weapons violations.

Check out this gallery of pictures of Celebrities In The Courtroom.

The question I have about celebrities in court is are they treated differently? are celebrities favored in court because of their status? are their sentences lighter than it would be for the average joe?



Miracle Million

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As as I was going through MSN Money a few days ago, I found a really interesting article. It was about a man who was once homeless becoming a millionaire. The article reaffirmed my belief that anything is possible.

Bob Williamson went from a homeless, heroin user to entrepreneur. His multi-million dollar company, Horizon Software International is a cafeteria software provider to thousands of schools, hospitals, corporations and retirement communities. 

His story is truly motivational. It shows that anyone can be a corporate player. All you need is drive and patience. Success doesn’t come easily and doesn’t just happen overnight. Like, Bob Williamson you’re probably going to experience failure. It is the ability to work out of this failure that brings success.

Here’s the full article on Mr. Williamson’s story.




Execs in Cuffs June 22, 2008

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A few posts ago I mentioned the ethical aspects of being a part of the corporate and legal worlds. Well a perfect scenario to examine is the recent indictment of hundreds of corporate players. These people are all accused of commiting the super big F word. FRAUD! Their actions are thought to have contributed to the housing mess.

Two former Bear Stearns execs were also indicted on charges of fraud. Just a few months after the company was bought by JPMorgan, two execs were carried away from their homes in handcuffs.

With the failing economy I think it’s hard not to blame these people, whom I feel were manipulative and decietful. They tried to cheat the system and took their jobs for granted. They have contributed to the economic mess we’re in today.  They may have felt that at the time lying and cheating was the way to go, but now that they are facing criminal charges I wonder if they still think it was all worth it?

White collar crime is a beauty isn’t it? Is getting ahead and money really worth throwing your integrity away for?

Not only those the indictment of hundreds provide the ethical aspect of business, but it also shows how the legal and business worlds collide.

Check out this video that summarizes the indictment of the Bear Stearns execs-